Air Conditioning FAQ Esperance

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s wrong with my Air Conditioning? No matter how well you maintain a machine, hitches and breakdowns can still occur occasionally. Here, we’ll go over some of the most common problems, and what you can do to fix it.


Why won't my air con turn on?

Check that the isolator switch near the outdoor unit is turned on, and the RCD switch in the switch board has not tripped. If the RCD will not re-set contact us.

The unit won't switch on and one or more of the lights are flashing?

The unit may have a fault. Re-set the unit by turning off the power at the RCD, or isolating switch for about 5 minutes, then switch back on and try operation. If the unit continues to fault contact us.

My air con turns on but won't blow cool / or warm air?

Check that the remote control is in the right MODE of operation – cooling mode is indicated by a snowflake icon and heating mode is a sun icon. There can be more icons for the different modes, so check your Owner / User manual.

How do I change my system from cooling to heating air?

Pressing the MODE button will cycle between Heating, Cooling and Auto modes. Cooling Mode is indicated by a snowflake icon and heating is a sun icon. There can be more icons for different modes, so check your Owner / User manual.

My air con has a bad smell when turned on?

This can happen when smells from cooking, cigarettes, vermin, or mildew are absorbed into the unit and discharged with air flow. An internal clean of the system is recommended. Contact our office to have a technician clean and service it.

Does my air con need regular service?

To ensure the maximum lifespan and optimum efficiency we recommend that your air conditioner be serviced at least once every twelve months for domestic applications, and more frequently for commercial applications.

Is it normal for water to come out of the outdoor unit?

It is normal for condensation to be created in the outdoor unit during heating operation. You may notice some water from the outdoor unit depending on environmental conditions, temperature, humidity, etc.

Why is water coming out of the indoor unit?

There may be a blockage in the drain line from insect or dirt build-up. If you can get access, check that the outlet of the drain line is clear.

My remote control isn't working?

If there is no display on the remote check the batteries. If the batteries are not housed in the back of the remote, slide the remote panel down to reveal the other buttons, when it stops give it extra tug to slide the panel off completely. The battery compartment should now be exposed. If replacing the batteries does not fix the issue, then make a note of the model number of the indoor unit, and contact us for a replacement.

I have a code on my wall controller and my system has stopped working?

A fault code will display on the wall controller when the system malfunctions. Make a note of this code and re-set your system by switching off the mains power and leaving it for about 5 minutes. This re-set may be all you need to fix the issue, however, if the system malfunctions again or doesn’t work after the re-set, contact us.

The oudoor unit has stopped? (Cooling Mode)

This may be because the room temperature has reached the set temperature. The indoor unit will continue to operate.

What temperature should I set my air conditioner to?

Generally speaking, during summer, thermostats should be set around 24 degrees centigrade. If there is a very hot day forecast, then pre-cool your house early morning. This will allow your air conditioner to keep on top of the heat load as it begins to warm up during the heat of the day. In winter, on the reverse cycle (heating), around 21 degrees centigrade is usually a good temperature.

If you have any further questions or queries please contact our office.